Pregnancy & Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual approach to healthcare that is gentle and effective for expectant mothers during pregnancy, and post-natally.

Your osteopath aims to assist the natural process of pregnancy and birth. By maximising your body’s ability to change and support you and your baby with minimum pain and discomfort. Your osteopath will carefully select the best treatment techniques to ensure your safety and comfort. 

Osteopaths assess and treat many common complaints associated with pregnancy and the post-natal period. These include: 

  • lower back pain and sciatica
  • aching legs or feet
  • numbness and tingling in the hands
  • neck, shoulder or middle back pain
  • shortness of breath
  • incontinence
  • poor sleep

Body changes during pregnancy

As your pregnancy progresses the extra weight creates a shift in your body’s centre of gravity to adapt to a growing baby.  

While the baby grows and develops some women experience back pain, sciatica, insomnia, shortness of breath, swelling, high blood pressure and fatigue.  Your osteopath can help you with managing these symptoms through gentle physical treatment and also through advice on lifestyle, exercise and self-help techniques for you to use during pregnancy and labour.  

Birthing and beyond

The process of birth is regulated and influenced by many factors which are hormonal, physical, emotional and environmental. Osteopathic care can positively assist in the management of many of these influences.

Osteopaths provide you with advice and support for many aspects of your pre and post natal care. The physical treatment provided by osteopaths can assist with pain management, and help with optimal spine and pelvic mobility to help with birth preparation.