Clinical Rehabilitative Pilates

Comprehensive rehabilitative pilates in conjunction with osteopathic practice.

Pilates is a movement practice that focuses on breathing technique, abdominal control, spinal articulation, alignment and functional movement. It uses principles of biomechanics, body awareness and motor learning to help bring about change in a person’s body.

In our studio pilates sessions, our pilates trained osteopaths will develop a personalised program using specialized equipment and the most up-to-date research on exercise and rehabilitation. Sessions can be used for injury rehabilitation, pain management, restoration of function and to prevent injury or re-injury, as well as general fitness and wellbeing.
Exercises can be non-weightbearing and have the assistance of springs to create varying degrees of assistance or resistance. It is because of this that these sessions are appropriate for all pilates experience levels.

You will be required to have an initial one-on-one assessment with one of our Osteopaths/pilates teachers. You will then have the option to continue with the one-on-one sessions or move to a two-on-one session – 2 students to 1 teacher.

‘A man is as young as his spinal column.’

Change happens through movement and movement heals

Joseph Pilates